Let’s hear from the OISF Board: Leonard Jacobs, President and CEO of Netsecuris, Inc.

As many of our community members already know, OISF’s Board of Directors is comprised of 7 security industry experts and thought-leaders.  We are fortunate to have their expertise in guiding us through the next two exciting years for OISF and Suricata.

However, you may be wondering why did they want to become a member of the OISF board, what is their vision for OSIF, what are their opinions about security tools,  etc. Well…. we thought it was best to hear it directly from them.  So each month we will spotlight one of our board members and their answers to these and other questions from our team and our community.

We would like to thank Leonard Jacobs, President and CEO of Netsecuris, Inc. for helping to kick things off in our first board member post!  

1. Tell us a little about you – your working security, how you arrived in security, the organization you work for, etc…
My first exposure to information security came when I worked for the State of Minnesota in the early 2000s. I was a subcontractor maintaining a network for one of the departments. I got to work one day and found myself involved in a forensics investigation involving some of the State’s employees and contractors. However, my next job was with a major credit union in Minnesota working as their IT Manager and CISO. It was in that job where I really got involved with information security. Today, I am a founder, President, and CEO of a leading Managed Security Service Provider.

2. What inspired you want to become a board member of OISF?
My company is a heavy user of Suricata and I just simply felt that being a board member would help me be part of guiding the product into the future.

3. What is your opinion about having security tools, such as Suricata, managed by a non-profit vs. for-profit organizations?
When for-profit organizations, especially when they are a shareholder based corporation, develop products, there is a tendency for them to only care about the shareholders and less likely the customer. I believe that having non-profit develop products like Suricata is beneficial because they really care about the customer. However, I do realize they still have to care about the bottom line but they are not just about the bottom line unlike a for profit organization.

4. What is your role in the security community (or if you have specifics around Suricata and OISF)?
I see my role in the security community as an “educator” and as an evangelist.

5. What does your crystal ball about the future of IDS, IPS, and Suricata tell you?
I believe that now and into the future there needs to be more behavioral analytics used to counteract the speed of attacks being developed today. Signature-based technology is great for the known but not so great for the unknown. Maybe embedded Suricata in processors at a much lower price point than in the past might give Suricata an edge of competing technologies.

6. What should we be telling people about Suricata that makes us different then other IDS / IPS technologies out there?
The speed of detection and prevention as well as ease of use.

7. Any final thoughts….
OISF keep up the good work that is being done. To use a phrase out of the 70s, “Keep on Trucking Baby.”

Leonard Jacobs, President and CEO of Netsecuris — Netsecuris Inc. is a leading Managed Security Services Provider specializing in providing information security protections to the utilities, financial services, government, and healthcare sectors. Leonard has over 30 years of hands-on technology management experience, including 14 years in Information Security. His first employment in the 1980s was with a major minicomputer manufacturer, which was a major supplier of industrial control systems to power plants and steel mills. In addition to serving on the OISF board, Leonard is co-chair on a government-funded working group tackling cyber security issues.


To learn more come see us in Barcelona!  Leonard will be a featured speaker at our first annual user conference in Barcelona – November 4 – 5, 2015.  In addition several of the OSIF board members will be attendance – so don’t miss it.  It’s FREE!  www.oisfevents.net 

If you have a question for one of our board members or questions you’d like us to include in this series, feel free to contact us at info@oisf.net.