It’s a Success! The first ever Suricata Developer Training

Just over a week ago in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark, the team saw a long over due dream come to a reality.  We held our first 5-day Suricata Developers Training. Thanks to our hosts at NapaTech this event was a great success for us and for the 13 Suricata fans who joined us.

Victor Julien and Eric Leblond led the group across around major topics including the design bases, API overview and code implementation.  To help attendees really absorb the topics, they included hands-on experiences throughout the training. The hands-on portion of the training was greatly helped by the ‘provision’ scripts the team had created prior to the training. It made sure they could focus on what mattered, while not wasting much time on all kinds of small details.  Everyone wrote a decoder module with a matching detection module. Next to this, an app-layer protocol detector, decoder, logger and detection module. Including multi-pattern matcher support. Quite an accomplishment for those short 5 days!

“With respect to the Suricata Developer Training, it was an excellent training with Victor and Eric.  Just the right balance between theory (understanding how the internals work) and practice (lab exercises to implementing real features).  For the serious developer intending to make contributions or significantly modify Suricata, this course is a must. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to get to know members of the Suricata community.  For the benefit of everyone, I vote to make this an annual event.”
—Randy Caldejon CTO, Enterprise Forensics Group, FireEye, Inc.

Thank you again to the team at NapaTech for hosting us. Facilities were great, and lunches nothing short of amazing!

Tell us what you think about have a 5-day Suricata Developer training in 2016?!