Expanded Suricata Roadmap Development Session @ SuriCon

We are excited to offer an expanded community brainstorming session on Suricata’s Road Map Development at this year’s SuriCon .  Don’t miss your chance to particpate in this important discussion – register for SuriCon today – http://suricon.net

What did we accomplish during last year’s discussion?  Here is a quick synopsis:

Last year’s list included the following ‘top priority’ ideas:

  • flow bypass: almost done
  • failing better: in progress
  • hyperscan integration: mostly done
  • performance recommendation: needs work
  • default config improvements: mostly done
  • dynamic stream depth: almost done

The result of last year was also NOT doing some work. The group didn’t care much about a binary output for EVE (e.g. bson or similar), so we
avoided spending time on that.

Check out Victor Julien’s post for details and pictures of last year’s session.