Suricata 4.0 – Kicks it Up a Notch!

We are thrilled to announce Suricata 4.0 is now available!

This is a major release, improving detection capabilities, more protocols, adding new output options, Rust support, and much more. Thanks to valuable feedback from the rule writing teams at Emerging Threats, Positive Technologies, and many others Suricata 4.0 includes many rule keywords for inspecting HTTP, SSH and other protocols. New features allow for greater context with alerts. Also, Suricata 4.0 is the first release in which implemented parts in the Rust language using the Nom parser framework have been incorporated. This work was inspired by presentations from SuriCon 2016.

To see the full list of Suricata 4.0 features and improvements visit.

To download:

Success for open source technologies, such as Suricata, relies on the talent and generosity of the community. Suricata 4.0 is possible due to the many people in our community who have contributed time, code, and documentation to this release. Also, this work would not be possible without the support of OISF consortium members.

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