We are our community.

Our community makes us — it comprises talented and passionate individuals from all corners of IDS/IPS and security technology, from all over the world.

We welcome participation from the community large and small. We have built working groups, mailing lists, training events, and the OISF / Suricata User Conference to engage and educate all who are interested.

****Something here about the many ways to get involved, if you are an individual, a small company, or a big company. Donate, propose projects, program, etc.

Funding for OISF comes from donations from leading cyber security companies committed to OISF’s mission and Suricata. These companies gain a non-gpl limited license for the engine in return for their ongoing support. We also offer public and onsite Suricata training events in locations in the United States and through Europe. Net proceeds from these events go directly into supporting OISF and Suricata’s mission.