Suricata 4.0 – Kicks it Up a Notch!

We are thrilled to announce Suricata 4.0 is now available! This is a major release, improving detection capabilities, more protocols, adding new output options, Rust support, and much more. Thanks to valuable feedback from the rule writing teams at Emerging Threats, Positive Technologies, and many others Suricata 4.0 includes many rule keywords for inspecting HTTP,… Read More

Important Release – Suricata 3.1.2

We are excited to announce the release of Suricata 3.1.2. This release fixes some important issues, so we highly recommend updating. Get the release here: Changes you can expect from this new release include: Feature #1830: support ‘tag’ in eve log Feature #1870: make logged flow_id more unique Feature #1874: support Cisco Fabric Path… Read More

Suricata 3.0RC2 is OUT!

The Suricata Development team has announced Suricata 3.0RC2. RC2 is now out! ┬áThis exciting new version of Suricata fixes a few issues in RC1 that require some more testing. The plan still is to release the stable within a few weeks, so please help test this release! Get the release here: A message from… Read More