Oisf Team at SuriCon 2019OISF provides architecture and infrastructure to open source security software communities and to projects like Suricata, the world-class threat-detection engine. As the need for robust and relevant security technologies grows, OISF serves to protect and maintain the authenticity of open source space. We welcome participation from diverse groups to generate networks and build active communities. We strengthen our communal space by offering user and developer training sessions around the world. OISF hosts SuriCon, the dynamic annual OISF/Suricata User Conference which gives our entire community a unique opportunity to collaborate together.

OISF is funded by donations from world-class security organizations committed to our mission. A list of these organizations is available on our Consortium Members page.


Our commitment and code of conduct:

The Open Information Security Foundation and the project(s) it supports, Suricata, is dedicated to providing a community-centric, safe and harassment-free environment experience for everyone, regardless and not limited to, of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion. Employees and contractors hold a visible role in the OISF, and Suricata communities, therefore, are expected to behave respectfully. We do not tolerate harassment in any form – in person, on calls, social media, etc. Unacceptable behavior can result in immediate termination.