In 2008, Matt Jonkman, Victor Julien, and Will Metcalf embarked on a journey to create a non-profit foundation to support a community-driven IDS/IPS technology called Suricata.

Today, The Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) is led by world-class security experts, programmers, and others dedicated to open source security technologies. As the need for robust and relevant security technologies grows, OISF and the technologies we support are ready. Our commitment to open source security technologies and the communities that keep them thriving has been unwavering. We welcome participation from the community large and small and have built working groups, mailing lists, training events, and the OISF/Suricata User Conference to make it easy for people to engage with us.

OISF is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Funding for OISF comes from the donations received from world-class security organizations committed to our mission. A list of these organizations is available on our Consortium Members page.

So what does the future hold? There is no debate that the need for dynamic security technologies is going to continue to grow. Our plans for the future, besides continuing to support and develop Suricata, is to take on new open source security technologies and projects. We welcome teams or projects that are looking for a community to help them grow. For more information please contact us at